How Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Hamilton, OH Can Stop Foreclosure, Eviction, and Garnishments

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Attorney, Lawyers

For those that are consumed by debt and dealing with harassment calls from creditors, the situation can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. Individuals are often filled with anxiety and may avoid calls from creditors. Tearing up letters they receive from them in the mail may also be a common way to deal with their situation. This type of solution, however, is certainly not permanent. Many individuals may not even realize that there may be a way to save their homes and avoid foreclosure through filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in Hamilton, OH. It is quite understandable that several individuals may feel that bankruptcy is an unfavorable solution, but what if it can save their home? It is important for people swamped in debt to understand what is at risk and the options that may available to them.

A qualified and experienced attorney can go over the many options available to those who are struggling with debt. Some individuals may be even facing garnishments of their income and wages. This can be incredibly disastrous for those already having a hard time feeding their family while paying large amounts to various companies they owe. Individuals that are in jeopardy of losing their home, being evicted from rentals, or having wages garnished may be able to find an effective and successful solution by working with an experienced attorney. They can file a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Hamilton, OH on their client’s behalf and stop the threatening calls causing them anxiety and many sleepless nights. Qualified legal professionals can help their clients sort out how to get back on their feet and eventually climb their way out of debt.

On the initial meeting with a bankruptcy attorney, individuals should expect to disclose relevant information pertaining to their income, debt totals, payments, and other bills and financial responsibilities. This information is vital for legal professionals to determine the best course of action for clients. They will need to create a plan to assist their clients with paying back their debt, if possible, and build the case for their bankruptcy if it is determined that it is the most suitable solution. Whatever, the case may be, individuals in debt should act fast to start living a less stressful life filled with calls from bill collectors. For more information, please contact or visit Dean Snyder, Attorney at Law.

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