Illinois Family Law Take on Moving Out of State with Your Kids

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Lawyers

When you are facing a divorce, one of the most difficult situations you will have to deal with is child custody. It gets even more complicated if you have custody, are divorced and wants to move out of state. This is referred to as “removal.”

The Difficulties of Removal

If you get a new job or have to move out of state for another reason, you are going to face a number of issues. This is especially true if the parent staying behind has visitation rights or joint custody. In these cases, having a Chicago family law firm to help with the situation can be beneficial. The court will determine whether or not you can move with your kids. An attorney will help you prepare to go to court and make a case for why you are leaving the state.

Tips for a Successful Case

To help have a successful time in court, it is important to show that the child’s quality of life would improve in the following areas:

  • If the other parent would still have the opportunity to see the child (distance, traveling challenges, etc.)
  • The quality of education the child would have in the new location
  • How the improvement in your life in the new location would improve the child’s life

If you are divorced and need to move to a different state, you need to find and use the services of a quality Chicago family law firm. Doing so will help you have the best chance of proving that the move will be good for the child and that the other parent won’t be completely cut out of their lives.

Being informed and having quality legal representation is the best way to have success with this type of situation.

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