Why Injured Employees Should Consult Workers’ Compensation Attorneys In Collinsville, IL

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Attorney

If an employee becomes injured while on the job, their employer is legally responsible for any medical care the employee requires and, in some instances, may be obligated to compensate them for any wages lost as a result of the accident. Most employees trust that their employer will do the right thing when an accident happens, but many businesses will fight to be relieved of their liability after an accident. Be sure to contact workers’ compensation attorneys in Collinsville, IL and they will work so as the injured person gets the medical care and money they need.

Injury Evaluation

One of the first things an attorney will review are the specifics surrounding the accident, and if the employer is found to be negligent in their responsibility to create a safe workplace, the injured party may be eligible for additional restitution. Most lawyers will provide a case evaluation at no charge and will only collect payment for their services if they are successful in obtaining a settlement or judgment.

Settlement Options

Once the full ramifications of the accident are determined, workers’ compensation attorneys in Collinsville, IL will begin establishing the value of the injuries, including the cost of any unpaid medical bills. Next, they will approach the defending party and work with them to obtain an out-of-court settlement that is fair. Attempting to settle a case of this nature without an attorney may cause a person to end up with less money than they are due.

Court Representation

If a settlement agreement is not reached, the case will move on to court where a judge will review the case and determine the amount of money that should be awarded to the plaintiff. Navigating the court system and appearing before a judge isn’t a task that should be handled lightly. It is critical to hire a professional that has knowledge of the system and the ins and outs of how to best present a case to a judge.

With the right legal counsel, it is possible for a person to get the support they need to restore normalcy after an on-the-job accident. The professionals at the Law Offices of Keith Short offer customized support and will fight to get an injured person the restitution they deserve. Click here to learn more and schedule a free case evaluation today.

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