Is your Divorce Lawyer Good Enough?

by | Apr 11, 2024 | Divorce Attorney

If you and your spouse have an issue regarding the divorce agreement, you will need a competent divorce lawyer in Blue Springs, MO. If you already have one but feel like you are not receiving the best legal counsel, it may be time to replace it and get a proper fit. Divorce cases can be compassionate, especially if they involve children. You must ensure that the case is resolved quickly enough so that all of you can move on with your new life.

You have no business dealing with legal professionals who are not board-certified. Ensure your divorce lawyer is certified to handle divorce and other family law cases. Certification is only given to professionals with extensive tests and trial experience in family law. Most board-certified lawyers have a high level of expertise. You may pay more for their services, but they will likely offer you the best legal representation.

Your divorce lawyer in Blue Springs, MO must be able to communicate with you using simple language that you can understand. If you do not understand, ask your attorney to clarify. The problem only occurs if this person does not constantly communicate with you regarding the case’s progress. You need to understand the best and worst-case scenarios so that you can also prepare yourself emotionally.

It would be best to always be comfortable around your divorce lawyer while maintaining professionalism. You should be able to talk with your attorney regarding your family and marriage and feel that you trust this person to use that information for you rather than against you. Most importantly, the lawyer must maintain the desired confidentiality since you will share much information on your family and marriage.

When divorce cases involve children, you must make sure that the divorce lawyer in Blue Springs, MO, knows that the children’s interests are always given priority. This lawyer is not meant to make unreasonable demands that will affect the children’s well-being. For instance, if the children prefer to be with both parents at equal times, then this is what the lawyer must vouch for when presenting the case.

If you feel the legal fees are becoming very costly, you might need to find a new lawyer. It is not hard to find a divorce lawyer who charges reasonable fees. There are those lawyers who charge on an hourly basis, whereas others opt for a flat fee. Ensure you understand all the legal costs involved before hiring the attorney. Do not disregard any contract given to you by signing it without going through all the details therein.

A divorce lawyer should help you maintain a smooth legal process. Find out whether you have the right lawyer and make the necessary changes. Contact Kelly, Reed & Jansen LLC!

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