Learning About Reasonable Financial Compensation from an Accident Attorney in Fort Worth

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Lawyers

It may seem cynical, but someone who has been hurt in a vehicle accident caused by another driver must understand one primary purpose of the claims adjuster. That person is an employee of the insurance company, and as such, is expected to offer an amount of compensation that can be considered reasonable while still being relatively low. Insurers know that injured individuals commonly need money because they cannot work and have bills to pay. They hope that the accident victim will accept that first offer. This is why consulting an accident attorney in Fort Worth is important so the claimant can learn whether that settlement offer is indeed reasonable or if a higher amount should be expected. A law firm such as David S. Kohm & Associates offers free initial consultations so that people can get more insight into their own particular circumstances at no charge.

The claims adjuster probably is using a specific formula devised by the insurance company that includes paying for repairs to the vehicle or for replacement value if the vehicle is a total loss. It also includes payment for medical expenses and lost income while the person could not work. If the person’s injuries were severe, the insurer may include an amount for pain and suffering without being prompted to do so. The insurer wants to prevent the claimant from hiring an accident attorney in Fort Worth to demand better compensation. There is nothing nefarious about this activity; it is only natural on the part of the insurance company.

The most effective strategy for an accident victim is not to leap at a settlement offer, even if the financial situation is rough. An accident lawyer is well-versed in how much compensation is reasonable in varying situations. In addition, the medical expenses may continue if physical therapy and prescription pain medication are needed. The individual’s own health insurance would pick up much of that cost, but there still would be a deductible to pay as well as co-pay amounts. There still may be days when the person is not well enough to work full-time, and a better settlement may provide money to compensate for future lost wages. Accident victims may visit the website¬† to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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