Minimizing Your Risk with Home Title Insurance in Blissfield, MI

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Title Company

Buying a home is an exciting time in your life. After all, you are investing in your future and possibly even the future of your family. Yet, without the comfort of home title insurance, nothing is guaranteed.

What Is Title Insurance and How Long Does it Last?

Title insurance protects the owner of the property against possible claims. When you purchase a home and receive a title, without title insurance, there is no guarantee that you aren’t the victim of fraud. Home title insurance helps to protect against this possibility.

The benefit of title insurance is that once you pay the one-time premium, your title insurance lasts for as long as you have heirs in the property.

What Does Title Insurance Protect Against?

Home title insurance protects against defects in the title of the property. It mostly protects against hidden risks that you don’t see coming, such as instances of fraud and impersonation. In addition to these, it protects against things such as undisclosed heirs, forged deeds, tax liens on the property, and deeds by minors or those of unsound mind, among others.

What Happens If a Claim is Made Against My Property?

If a title claim does happen to be made against you and your property, finding home title insurance in Blissfield, MI can provide you with peace of mind. The title insurance company will help you with the legal battle, including saving you legal fees and not having to handle the claim yourself.

When buying a new home, you are making an expensive investment for yourself and your children. Working with the title insurance agents at Prestige Title Insurance Agency can protect your investment and help you rest assured knowing that they have your back. You can connect with them on Facebook for more information!

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