Do You Need a Social Security Lawyer, Find One in Missouri

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Lawyers

The Social Security Administration doesn’t care if you use an advocate or social security lawyer to help you apply for disability benefits or SSI benefits. Missouri residents aren’t required to hire an attorney for help, but being represented by legal counsel does have its advantages. For one, these lawyers have years of training and education in the matters of social security law, but there are many other advantages, as well.


Sometimes, it can be embarrassing to talk to someone about your illness or mental health issues. Whether the toll it takes is embarrassing or you just want to keep your private life private, lawyers cannot talk to others about your personal information. Whatever you tell them goes no farther, though some of these points may be mentioned in court hearings. They can help you prepare yourself for such information being talked about in front of others when necessary.


You don’t want to win your case by hurting others or lying. Lawyers have strict ethical rules that they must abide by at all times. You can rest easy knowing that they won’t use illegal tactics or help you lie under oath.

Appeals are Easier

Regardless of whether or not you hire an attorney, most SSD cases are initially denied. While it can help to have an attorney representing you at the beginning, you may still lose the initial claim. However, you are entitled to an appeal, and your attorney can help you go through the right channels and get the appeal done faster.

A social security lawyer has more training and education, so they know how to help you. Visit Grundy Disability Group in Missouri at to find out more about them and how they’ve helped others. Follow us on google+.

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