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by | Jan 2, 2019 | Attorney

When the breadwinner in a family becomes disabled, the financial hardships can quickly become overwhelming. The pressure on the family quickly mounts; they must deal not only with the loss of income, but they must also bear the cost of medical care, as well as cover everyday living expenses.

Social Security disability benefits are available; however, the application process can be overwhelming. Although there is no requirement that specifies you must have a Social Security lawyer, you will find that hiring one in Oak Ridge makes the process considerably easier. These legal professionals have a great deal of experience in dealing with the SSA (Social Security Administration) and can deal with the many issues that invariably arise throughout the entire process.

Your lawyer will communicate with the SSA on your behalf. As well as acting as your communicator, he or she will:

Review Your Case

Even if you have begun the process, your attorney will carefully review your case from the beginning. This initial review helps your attorney determine the best way to proceed. Based on your attorney’s experience and knowledge of how the SSA works, he or she will develop a strategy on how to win your case.

Gather Supporting Medical Evidence

Once you have provided your lawyer in Oak Ridge with a release, he or she will gather the medical data that is needed to support your claim. Your lawyer will determine which information is most relevant, and, if necessary, collect any missing reports. In many cases, your lawyer will deal directly with your health care providers to get supporting opinions.

Ensure Your Application Is Complete and Error Free

The majority of claims submitted by unrepresented individuals are denied. The process is complex, and it must be complete. Any error or missing information will result in the denial of benefits. A Social Security lawyer knows what is expected. Your lawyer will ensure the initial claim is complete and error free.

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