Obtaining Disability Benefits Through Lawyers In Temecula, CA

by | May 14, 2018 | Attorney

In California, disability benefits provide individuals with monthly payments to cover their living expenses. The benefits are based on the program for which the claimant applied. The programs include SSI and SSDI. Eligibility for the programs depends on whether or not the claimant worked previously. Local Lawyers in Temecula CA provide legal assistance for disabled claimants.

Preparing the Claim

The attorney prepares the claim by gathering all information about the claimant’s condition. If they worked previously, the attorney identifies how the individual developed the disability. If the claimant never worked, the attorney explains when the condition was diagnosed and how it affects the individual.

Securing Adequate Medical Evidence

All medical evidence related to the claim is acquired by the attorney. The doctor who provided the diagnosis and any doctor that provided treatment must offer medical records outlining the condition. The medical record determines how the doctors are treating the condition and if there is a possibility of recovery. The records also define whether or not the condition could progress and become more debilitating for the claimant.

Presenting the Case in Court

The attorney explains the claimant’s condition to a judge and jury. The proceedings require a doctor to explain the claimant’s condition more thoroughly. The doctor explains why the individual should receive disability benefits and why they cannot support themselves financially. The judge and jury review all the medical evidence provided to determine if the condition is eligible under Social Security disability laws.
What is the Potential Outcome?

If the claimant wins their lawsuit, they receive backpay starting on the day in which they were diagnosed. For some claimants, the settlement could represent years of disability benefits they didn’t receive. The claimant also receives monthly payments starting the following month after the court approves the claim.

In California, disability benefits provide financial assistance for disabled individuals who cannot work. When the claimant starts a legal claim, an attorney helps them secure all medical records that support their claim. The attorney presents their case to a judge and jury to secure the monthly benefits. If they win, the claimants could receive extensive backpay. Claimants who need to start a claim through Lawyers in Temecula CA visit us right now.

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