A Personal Injury Attorney in Yelm, WA Helps People Harmed Through No Fault of Their Own

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Lawyers

A Personal Injury Attorney in Yelm WA helps people who have been seriously harmed through no fault of their own. Another person was negligent or careless in regard to driving a vehicle or keeping a property safe for visitors.

In some instances, there is misconduct such as driving while intoxicated or being abusive to a nursing home patient. That person’s insurance company should pay reasonable compensation to the one who was injured. When the injury is related to conduct of a business employee, the insurer may be a company providing liability insurance for organizations or malpractice coverage.

Settlement Offers

Insurers sometimes are uncooperative. They may offer very low settlement amounts that do not cover all related expenses. Someone who has received this type of offer may Contact Putnam Lieb Potvin Attorneys for a free consultation.

Those low settlement offers to seem very unjust to the people dealing with the aftermath of an accident. A Personal Injury Attorney in Yelm WA empathizes and wants to help these individuals receive enough money, so they do not have to struggle financially.

The compensation should cover every expense related to the accident as well as lost income while the person cannot work. Accident-related expenses do not only include medical bills and repair or replacement of damaged property, but also any necessary adaptive equipment and personal assistance required as a result of the incident.

Court Awards

If the injury was very serious and will have life-long consequences, the lawyer may advise the client to turn down all offers for a settlement unless the amount is near the maximum allowed by an insurance policy. Instead, they will proceed to trial and ask a jury to decide on a suitable amount for a monetary award. This is often the case when the injured person suffers harm such as permanent paralysis or loss of a limb.

Additional Compensation

Sometimes, the injured person can sue an additional individual or entity deemed responsible and obtain extra compensation. For instance, a drunk driver’s automotive insurance policy may have a low maximum amount that can be paid out. However, if this person had been obviously intoxicated at a bar and the employees continued to provide the customer with alcohol, Washington state laws hold that business responsible for injuries that person causes.

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