A Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange, VA Can Help Obtain Larger Settlements

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Personal Injury

There are sometimes many obstacles individuals face when they have suffered a personal injury. Dealing with the insurance company or trying to pursue a case in court can be extremely stressful and stymie an injured victim’s recovery process. Many victims end up needing to hire a personal injury lawyer in Orange, VA to ensure their rights are adequately guarded and their best interests sought in every decision made.

Lawyers Help Victims Receive Larger Settlements

When an injured victim attempts to go through the process of pursuing compensation without legal help, they are often taken advantage of. Insurance adjusters know they can get away with unscrupulous means of settling claims when there is no lawyer involved.

When a lawyer is involved, the lawyer uses strong negotiation skills to hold the insurance company accountable. When the insurance company refuses to be fair, the lawyer can pursue a lawsuit on behalf of their client to make sure a fair outcome is obtained.

Larger settlements are a natural product of lawyer/injured client relationships. Not only are insurance adjusters typically willing to offer more substantial settlements, but injury lawyers also can also pursue lawsuits which can sometimes result in larger compensations being awarded.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Orange, VA helps to take away much of the stress an injured victim feels when pursuing compensation. Because the lawyer takes care of all of the aspects of the case, the injured client can focus on healing and getting back to living a healthy life.

Consultations Start the Process

Scheduling a consultation appointment starts the process to ensure the injured victim has their rights protected as they begin to pursue the insurance company or a lawsuit. The consultation appointment sets up the boundaries of the claim and allows the lawyer to get started on gathering evidence.

To learn more about seeking help from a personal injury lawyer, schedule a consultation appointment. Call the office today to ask for your date. They will be glad to walk you through each step in the process of pursuing a fair outcome.

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