Premises Liabilities Addressed by Accident Lawyers in Norfolk, VA

by | May 25, 2017 | Lawyers

In Virginia, property owners face premises liabilities based on how well they maintain their property. Under certain laws, the owner must maintain the property based on the type of property. They must also mitigate additional risks that could occur while a visitor or worker is present. The following is information about the different premises liabilities that are addressed by accident lawyers in Norfolk, VA.

Customer-Related Accidents

Retail stores are required to mitigate risks on a daily basis. The property contains products that could present risks if they spill. The retail store must hire workers who manage each department and mitigate these risks at all times, which lowers the risk of customer-related accidents. If they fail, the customer files a claim for their injuries.

Accidents During Public Events

The host of a public event must mitigate risks by hiring cleaning and security staff to mitigate risks throughout the event. If the host doesn’t manage these requirements, they are liable for any injuries that occur due to slip and fall accidents or possible altercations. However, if the property itself isn’t maintained, the property owner is liable for accidents related to these failures.

OSHA Violations and Worker Accidents

OSHA violations could equate to worker-related accidents. All commercial property owners who hire workers must mitigate risks that could produce injuries. This includes ensuring the property doesn’t present structural issues that could lead to falls. It also includes conditions that could produce occupational diseases due to asbestos or other dangerous building supplies.

Accidents Involving Service Providers

Utility companies and repair services must be able to navigate the property without sustaining injuries. This applies to hazards that are hard to see around the property. It also applies to animals that could attack these individuals without warning.

In Virginia, property owners must mitigate all probabilities of a premises liability. This includes conditions inside or outside their property that could lead to injuries. These laws apply to commercial and residential property owners. They range from building code violations to OSHA violations as well as possible dog attacks. Victims of these events can contact accident lawyers in Norfolk, VA by visiting website.

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