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A DUI charge can change an individual’s life, if they’re convicted, by raising insurance rates, limiting their driving ability, and leaving them with the possibility of enhanced penalties in the future if they’re arrested again. A DUI law firm in Lancaster County, PA can protect an individual’s rights and will not judge a client on their criminal charges. Their only concern is building the best defense possible and listening to a client’s side of the story to understand their perspective for a better outcome to their case.

Zero Tolerance for Underage DUI

Pennsylvania has zero tolerance for anyone caught drinking under the age of 21. If a minor is caught with .02 or a greater amount of measurable alcohol in their system, it will result in a mandatory driver’s license suspension and a fine of up to $500. It could also result in the minor being denied acceptance in a school they choose to attend.

What Affects Penalties of a DUI?

An individual who is charged for the first time with a DUI can have different criminal and administrative penalties. The penalty will be based on the blood alcohol content of the accused individual, and whether property damage or personal injuries were part of an arrest. A DUI law firm in Lancaster County, PA can fight for an individual who’s been charged with a DUI, speeding, reckless or careless driving, no registration or insurance, and distracted driving.

Administrative Penalties

There is no mandatory minimum license suspension for first offenders if their blood alcohol content is between .08 and .099. If the range of an arrested individual is .10 to .159, it could result in up to a one-year license suspension. A range higher than .16 will result in a one-year license suspension, and hardship or occupational licenses can be restricted for up to ten months.

The Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery has the experience you need to get through a variety of traffic law proceedings. Their only concern is treating you with the respect and dignity deserved while fighting for the best outcome to your case and can discuss all of your options during a free telephone consultation.

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