Reasons to Seek Advice from A Child Custody Lawyer in Highland Park

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Lawyers

When It comes to custody cases, emotions run high. Options are numerous. Making an unbiased and fair decision while keeping the child’s best interest in mind is never easy. A Highland Park child custody attorney is an invaluable asset.

There are many different forms of custody: physical, legal, joint and split. Physical custody implicates the individual who will physically live with the child. Legal custody pertains to who will be allowed to have a say in the decisions surround the child, such as religion, education and healthcare. With joint custody, the child splits their time between both parents. In split custody, siblings reside with different parents, so each parent has physical custody of a child. These are not easy decision to make. Guidance from an experienced attorney can shorten the length of this unpleasant experience. You will have lots of questions.

Consider the Children First

Just like you, a Highland Park child custody attorney has your child’s best interest at heart. An attorney will get them the best child support and custody condition. A lawyer can help to clearly justify and substantiate your plans for the child in front of the judge.

Protect Your Rights as a Parent

The court takes in dozens of factors to decide who gets custody over the child. This is due to the “best interest of the child” standard. An attorney can present your case in the best light possible. They fight on your behalf as a parent.

Specialty Cases

If your child has special needs that may affect his or her care, it is important that the judge be made aware. A judge may not understand a child’s condition. An attorney can bring in specialists to make sure all of a child’s needs are being accounted for.

A child custody attorney knows the nuances of a case as well as the nuances of the law. They present your position as a parent in a favorable light while keeping the needs of the child in mind. It is easy to lose focus in an emotionally heated case. Consulting with your Highland Park child custody attorney gives you a person to talk to that is on your side. They help you understand the difference between various custody options. Knowing your rights as a parent as well as your child’s rights is important.

An experienced attorney can tell you what the different factors considered mean for your case. Child custody case are never easy. Hire someone you trust to be with you along the way.

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