Reviewing Options with a Social Security Law Center

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Social Security Law

In Oklahoma, Social Security disability benefits are paid around the first or third day of every month. The benefits provide financial assistance to individuals who are unable to work due to a physical or mental condition. A Social Security law center can explain all options available after the claimant is denied the benefits.

Requesting a Reconsideration

A reconsideration request is submitted after the Disability Determination Service rejects the application and/or after the Social Security Administration denies the claim. Essentially, it is a request for the federal agency to review the case again and make a final decision. The process is also possible for claims that required additional medical evidence to support the claim.

Filing an Appeal

An appeal is filed after the Social Security Administration denies the claim altogether. It is a hearing that is conducted in court before a judge. The claim must present all medical records for the condition identified, and the judge makes a final decision about the case.

Filing a Lawsuit

A Social Security Disability lawsuit is available for individuals who were denied disability benefits and have a viable claim. The entire claim is presented in the court. The attorney could acquire witnesses such as the doctor that provides the patient’s treatment to testify. All information is reviewed by a jury that determines if the claimant is eligible according to the current Social Security laws. If the claimant doesn’t win the case, they cannot file a new claim.

What Is the Projected Outcome of a Legal Claim?

If the claimant wins their case, the court will provide back payments starting on the date in which the patient was diagnosed with their condition. The lump sum settlement is provided to the claimant. The benefits start on the month following and are deposited into the claimant’s bank account.

In Oklahoma, Social Security disability benefits provide immediate assistance to individuals who are living with mental or physical disabilities. To acquire the benefits, the individuals start with an application that is reviewed by the Disability Determination Service. The Social Security Administration makes the final decision about applications. Claimants who need help from a Social Security Law Center can visit right now.

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