Reviewing Violations Of Employment Law In Northampton, MA

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Lawyers

In Massachusetts, employers must follow federal laws that apply to hiring and maintaining workers. These laws prevent common violations of civil rights and the creation of hostile work environments. Under Employment Law Northampton MA, employers must follow applicable laws dictating how they provide wages, hire these employees, and protect them from wrongdoing.

Wage and Hour Violations

All employers must present the exact hours worked by their employees when creating paychecks. They cannot make alterations that reduce these hours or prevent the workers from securing overtime pay. Any violation of these wage and hour laws should be reported to rectify these wrongful actions.

Employment Discrimination Laws

Under federal laws, no employer can deny employment based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, or race. If these actions occur, the applicant or current employee has the legal right to file a discrimination lawsuit against the employer. Any decision regarding hiring or promotion must be based solely on merit, experience, and ability. Any circumstances in which these laws aren’t followed correctly indicates a violation of federal law and the individual’s civil rights.

How Sexual Harassment Affects Employees

Sexual harassment presents the possibility of a hostile work environment. All employers must present policies that allow their workers to report these occurrences in a safe, neutral environment. The policy must also state the necessary actions when the attacker is a member of the management staff. Click here for more details about the employment law In Northampton, MA.

All violations of these policies must result in a reprimand of the offender. Any employer that doesn’t take action when sexual harassment is reported is in violation of federal employment laws. Under these laws, the victim has the right to report these failures and file a formal claim. The claim must identify the manager that failed to take action as well as the individual who attacked the victim.

In Massachusetts, federal employment laws are enforced and upheld. The employers who fail to comply with these laws are at risk of facing a lawsuit. Under the laws, any employee or applicant that was violated or had their civil rights violated may file a lawsuit. Individuals who need assistance under Employment Law Northampton MA should visit us website for additional information about these requirements today.

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