Situations That May Require a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Allentown PA

by | May 28, 2020 | Lawyers

Under normal circumstances, a person injured at work, or that gets ill because of something at work, will be able to get workers’ compensation, as long as the proper procedures are followed. This includes filing the report to the employer promptly, seeing the doctors that are required, and following up with the workers’ compensation insurance company for issues. When issues do not go as they should, a workers compensation lawyer in Allentown, PA is available to help the injured employees get what is rightfully theirs. Here are some of these situations that might require a lawyer.

Situations That May Require a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Beyond getting the normal workers’ compensation benefits for a workplace injury or illness, employees may qualify to get temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, or permanent impairment and disability benefits. If the employee is not able to return to work after five days or is put in the hospital as an in-patient, temporary total disability should be given to the employee. If there is a problem in getting this, and it cannot be resolved with the insurance company or employer, a lawyer may be needed.

Other Situations That May Require a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If the employee is allowed to return to work on a limited basis after the injury, the employee may receive temporary partial disability benefits, and if this does not occur, it should be looked into. It may be necessary to call an attorney to ensure that the benefits are paid. If the employee receives an injury or illness that permanently causes a disability, then permanent impairment and disability benefits should be given. An attorney can help to ensure this if there are problems.

An Attorney in Allentown, Pennsylvania

If an attorney is needed for consultation about a workers’ compensation case, there are many lawyers in the Allentown Pennsylvania area who offer such services. Bruno Law is a law firm that offers such services to those who have workers’ compensation issues. If there are any individuals in need of a workers compensation lawyer in Allentown PA, the lawyers of the firm are available. They invite interested parties to “visit us” for more information.

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