Steps to Take After an Auto Accident in Fort Worth

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Bankruptcy

When you are unsure what to do after an auto accident, you may need to contact a lawyer. If you have been injured, this is the best way to secure proper compensation for your medical bills. Get to a safe location immediately and seek medical care. Once you are stable, contact a lawyer to help you plan your case.

Proof of Injury

You must prove your injury in order to receive compensation after an auto accident. Be sure to save all of your documents, starting with the first visit to a medical professional. You can also take pictures of any bruises or abrasions. Many people are upset at first and do not think to begin documenting immediately after the auto accident. David S Kohm can help you organize your case.

Lost Wages

When an auto accident in Fort Worth happens, you may miss a few days of work due to doctors’ appointments or pain. This may only result in a small amount of lost wages. Severe injuries, however, can cause significant income change. You may be out of work for weeks or months. Once you return to the job, you may still miss work to attend physical therapy or routine checkups. Your employer should be able to provide documentation of the days of work that were missed. Find a lawyer close to home so you can visit often to work on your case.

The outcome of your case can be improved when you have proper documentation of your injury and missed work. Be sure to save receipts from your doctors. You may also need to include a treatment plan written by your doctor. This information is used to calculate the amount of your payout from the insurance.

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