After Suffering an Injury, Oil Rig Workers Often Do Well to Contact an Offshore Accident Lawyer

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Accident Attorney

Oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico produce vast quantities of petroleum every day. In one recent year, daily totals averaged about 1.6 million barrels, according to the United States Energy Information Administration.

It takes a great deal of difficult and frequently dangerous work to enable such impressive levels of output. Unfortunately, that leaves many who live in southern Louisiana suffering injuries while working on oil rigs. Getting in touch with an Offshore Accident Lawyer like Chris Richard Attorney will often be the best way to respond after such an unfortunate event.

Many Ways to Suffer Serious Injuries on Oil Rigs in the Gulf

Relatively high pay and consistently strong demand have helped make oil rig jobs popular options among Louisiana residents for many years. While working aboard an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico is rarely easy, it can be rewarding enough to make the long hours and challenging conditions seem worth enduring.

While most of today’s oil rig operators put a premium on safety, accidents cannot always be avoided. As a result, many people who work aboard such platforms find themselves suffering serious injuries while on the job. Some of the types of incidents that most result in injuries include:

  • Falls.
  • Falling from heights is one of the most common ways to suffer a serious or even permanently debilitating injury on an oil rig. Although there are precautions put in place to make falls less likely, this type of accident remains unfortunately common. A fall can leave the victim incapacitated for months or even longer, with large medical bills often being racked up all the while.
  • Impacts.
  • Oil rigs are replete with heavy equipment and tools that can cause serious harm to human beings. Being hit by a boom or falling piece of pipe can easily leave an oil rig worker with major injuries.

Local Lawyers Are Always Ready to Help

After suffering a serious injury from any type of accident on an oil rig, it will almost always be wise to seek legal counsel and representation. Consulting an Offshore Accident Lawyer will always make it easier to determine the best way to proceed. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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