Texas Takes Drug Possession Misdemeanor Charges Very Seriously

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Bail Bonds

People tend to think of Misdemeanor Charges as relatively trivial, something that comes with a fine they can pay and an embarrassing notice in the local paper. When someone is charged with this type of offense, though, he or she may be shocked at being arrested, handcuffed and booked at jail. Bail may be required for release. The family may want to apply for a surety bond from a private organization if bail costs too much.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

At this moment in time, about the only thing the family feels thankful for is that their relative was arrested on Misdemeanor Charges and not felony charges. To start with, felony charges generally require much higher bail amounts, which makes the bond fee higher. Felonies also carry a significant risk of a serious penalty like a prison sentence.

Sometimes a misdemeanor offense does result in immediate release and a fine issued by law enforcement. In other cases, the person is held until bail or bond is paid. The amount is typically relatively low, especially as compared with bail for a felony charge.

Marijuana Possession for Personal Use

Drug possession is one of the most common charges filed across the nation. In Texas, marijuana possession for personal use is a misdemeanor, but it still has the risk of several months of jail time if the person is convicted. Texas is out of step with most of the states, which do not treat this offense so harshly even if the drug is still illegal there.

Misdemeanor Charges for Marijuana Possession

The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition has asked the state to reduce the charge of marijuana possession for personal use from a Class A or B to a Class C misdemeanor, which would be much less serious. The Class B offense is charged to people carrying 2 oz. or less of the substance. The Class A charge is for anyone caught carrying 2 to 4 oz. It is unclear whether the request will be acted on. In the meantime, families of defendants charged with the Class B offense may contact an organization such as Strike Three Bonds for assistance. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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