The Importance of Hiring a Family Attorney in Jefferson County, MO for a Divorce

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Lawyers

Many people have never had a family situation so serious they needed an attorney. Since they’ve never required one in the past, it might be challenging to determine if legal representation is really necessary and, if so, which lawyer to choose. Many family attorneys offer a free or low-cost consultation where a potential client can discuss their situation and determine first, if an attorney is necessary and, second, if that attorney is the right one for the job.

Some situations obviously require a lawyer. Divorce tends to be much more complicated than people realize. It not only involves dividing real estate and other property but it could also entail custody matters for minor children. Although the family courts will allow a spouse to appear in court without representation, doing so might result in an undesirable outcome. By hiring a Family Attorney in Jefferson County MO, a spouse could ensure their issues are heard and the case is handled fairly. When one spouse is represented by an attorney, the other spouse should always have one to avoid one person having an unfair advantage.

An attorney may offer more than aggressive representation in court. When a person has questions about the divorce process, a judge may not have the time or patience to answer them. The court clerks might be able to provide some answers but will generally stop when the questions lead to giving legal advice. A lawyer represents their client and shouldn’t have a problem answering questions or giving advice. This may give a divorcing spouse peace of mind as they navigate their new life. In most cases, if the question a client has is outside of the Family Attorney in Jefferson County MO area of focus, they are able to refer their client to the most appropriate resources.

Many people assume hiring a lawyer is expensive. However, by weighing the cost of a lawyer against the value of everything a person could lose by getting divorced without all the necessary information, an attorney’s fee may be much more affordable. To find an experienced lawyer, Visit the website and schedule a consultation prior to filing any documents with the court.

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