The Truth About Social Security Disability in New York

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Lawyers

Social Security Disability in New York is like a mythical creature right up there with alligators in the sewers. Anyone that has had anything to do with a Social Security disability case has a story that goes along with it. While many people have a story, sadly most of them are not positive stories. People that have had to deal with the SSA have had to find out the hard way that there are some “truths” that about SSA that they were not aware of when they first started with their application.

The Truths

Here are some cold hard truths that you should be aware of when you first get started:

* The SSA does not have any “formal” time schedule that they need to get your application approved/denied within.  Every time they request more information from you, you will have X amount of time to return it but the clock stops on the process until an administrator from SSA receives the information, logs it in and restarts the processing of your application.
* Roughly 70% of all cases are denied the first time around.
* Just because you received a denial it does not mean that you are unable to win the case in the appeals phase.
* You do have rights during the process that you may not be aware of

Dealing with the Process

Most of the horror stories that you hear about SS Disability come from people that did not have help with the process. For some people that stories and tales of woe go on and on because they just never got the support that they needed in the process. Don’t be one of those people that come out of it all with a horror story, get help and get it early on in the process from Daniel Berger Attorney at Law. Visit our website Law Office of Attorney Daniel Berger for getting more information about us.

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