The Wisdom of Hiring One of the Dog Bite Injury Attorneys in Minnesota

by | Jan 12, 2016 | Attorney

While most people are careful to keep their pets at home and properly supervised, the potential for someone to be bitten by a dog is very real. When this type of event takes place, it pays to take action as quickly as possible. This is where help from one of the Dog Bite Injury Attorneys Minnesota will make a difference. Here is what the attorney will do on behalf of the client.

Evaluating the Circumstances

One of the first things that must be done is to take a good look at what transpired. Where was the client when the bite took place? What actions occurred just prior to the bite? Is the dog known to be aggressive? Since a number of factors will be taken into account by a judge, it pays to make sure the attack was not provoked and that the client was not involved in any activity which would motivate the dog to bite.

Talking With the Owner

Before any legal action takes place, it pays to talk about the event with the dog owner. Many times, the owner is willing to negotiate a settlement rather than deal with the expense of taking the matter to court. This is especially true when the nature of the event leaves no doubt that the attack was not provoked. Most Dog Bite Injury Attorneys in Minnesota will take the lead in handling the negotiation and ensure that the amount requested is equitable and will cover the medical and other expenses that the client incurred.

Going to Court

If the attempt to settle fails, the only resource is to file suit and take the matter to court. When this is the case, expect the attorney to prepare evidence that demonstrates the validity of the claim. This includes assembling witnesses who saw the bite take place and can testify as to what was being said and done at the time.

For anyone who was recently bitten by a dog, contact the Rutzick Law Offices and arrange for a consultation today. Doing so will be the first step in making sure the proper steps are taken to deal with the issue and ensure that it is resolved fairly.

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