Things a Truck Accident Attorney in Fort Collins, Colorado Wants Victims to Know

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Equilegal

Whenever an accident occurs involving a truck, many variables come into focus for the injured party who is filing a personal injury lawsuit. The parties at fault in an accident with a truck are not always clear, and much investigation has to be done. A truck accident attorney in Fort Collins, Colorado helps victims involved in accidents with trucks. These are some things people should know about such accidents in Colorado.

Knowing About Your Rights and Time Limits

Anyone involved in an accident with a large truck should know about the complications that occur where large trucks are concerned. First of all, it becomes unclear how many entities are involved with a tractor and the trailer. Different insurance companies may be in the case, as well as different laws according to federal and state guidelines. Plaintiffs should also know they only have three years from the date of the accident to file the lawsuit in a civil court in the state of Colorado.

The Rights of the Defendants to Claim Liability Against the Plaintiff

Plaintiffs should also know that the defendants in the lawsuit may be able to prove the plaintiff is partly to blame for the accident. If this is the case, a rule called the modified comparative fault rule comes into play. This means if any amount, up to 49%, is proven to be the plaintiff’s fault, they will collect only the amount less the percentage they are found at fault. If more than 49%, no damages will be awarded to the plaintiff.

Other Complications of a Truck Accident

Other things to be worried about include whether the accident was a mechanical failure or a driver failure. Sometimes issues come up when the truck has a black box, similar to the ones used on airplanes. Even this box is not always very reliable in determining what happened or who was at fault.

Getting a Lawyer Who Can Help

Hiring an attorney is going to be the most successful way to deal with a truck accident lawsuit. Burton & Burton are attorneys in the Fort Collins, Colorado area who can offer advice. Anyone looking for a truck accident attorney in Fort Collins, Colorado, can contact these attorneys.

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