Three Ways A Bankruptcy Attorney In Tallassee AL Can Help With Finance Related Stress

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Lawyers

Financial devastation can strike without notice and leave a family without the money they need to make ends meet, and the stress is only exacerbated when letters and phone calls from collection companies start to pile up. Rather than dealing with the stress associated with having too much debt and not enough income, more individuals are choosing to talk to a Bankruptcy Attorney in Tallassee AL, as they can help a person gain relief. Here is a quick look at just three of the many services they offer that can help a person get their head back above water.

Stop Collection Calls

One of the most frustrating parts associated with falling behind on payments is the constant calls from collection companies who are just looking to get their money any way they can. Many often resort to bullying techniques and can make a person feel worthless. An attorney will make sure all creditors are notified of a person’s intent to file for bankruptcy, which will stop collection calls immediately and give a person peace.

Prevent Foreclosure

The thought of losing a home can be devastating, and many individuals believe that the only option they have when filing for bankruptcy is to forfeit their home. A Bankruptcy Attorney in Tallassee AL can review the specifics of a person’s financial situation and can determine if they qualify for programs that can help alleviate debt without jeopardizing their ability to retain ownership of their home.

Debt Forgiveness

When the amount of debt a person accumulates becomes so overwhelming that it feels as if there isn’t relief in sight, then they should consider filing for complete debt forgiveness bankruptcy. This wipes the slate clean and provides a person with the ability to start over and regain confidence and peace of mind. It is crucial to hire an attorney for a bankruptcy proceeding, as they will file any needed forms and offer support during any court-related hearings.

Financial stress can be overwhelming, but an attorney is standing by to help. The legal team at Courtney & Mann LLP offers a vast array of services revolving around bankruptcy and debt consolidation. Contact them today and talk to a lawyer to see what options are available, and take the first step in restoring financial stability.

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