Tips for Choosing a Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City, Oklahoma

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Bail Bonds

Most people can’t actually afford to pay the bail that is set by the judge when they’re in the middle of court proceedings, but without paying the bail, they must stay incarcerated until the court proceedings are complete and they are found innocent. This means that their friends or family members need to find a good bail bond agent in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Taking a few things into consideration will make the process a little bit easier to deal with.

Finding a Reputable Professional

When looking for a bail bond agent in Midwest City, Oklahoma, the first step is to find one that is licensed by the state (usually this is done through the state’s Department of Insurance) and that has a good rating through the Better Business Bureau. Some bail bond agents are also endorsed by an organization called ExpertBail, which is a good sign.

Source of Information

It’s best to find out about a bail bond agent through the recommendations of friends or family members or through your own research. Agents that call you or that hang out around the courthouse looking for clients aren’t typically as reputable as those that have an office that wait for you to come to them.

Professionalism Is Important

The agent should both look and sound like a professional. They should look and act like any other professional. They need to appear trustworthy and be someone that can explain the process and procedures clearly to you so that you understand what service they provide and what is expected of you.

Collateral and Other Costs

Some agents require collateral in order to post a bail bond, but there are some that don’t. Be sure the agent is trustworthy before handing over something like the deed to a car or house. There is also a premium that you’ll need to pay, which is typically 10 percent but can vary somewhat from location to location. This premium needs to be paid before the bail bondsman will post bail so the defendant in the case can get out of jail.

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