Tips for Those Considering Filing Bankruptcy in Longview, TX

by | May 9, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Prior to filing bankruptcy in Longview, TX, it is important to make sure that all options are considered. While this is a smart option for some people, others may be able to avoid it. Taking some time to get to know the options and what to do prior to filing can help ensure that anyone makes the right decision for their personal situation.

Access All Finances

When it comes the time to determine if a person should file for bankruptcy, they should first get to know what their expenses, debts and income are. Try to find the financial issue and then make a plan that will ensure it is avoided in the future.

Get a Free Credit Report

Another thing to do when considering Filing Bankruptcy in Longview, TX is to get a free copy of the person’s credit report. This will provide an updated list of all the creditors that are owed money. There are some people who believe that just because a creditor no longer calls, they don’t owe them any money. This is not true and can cost quite a bit in the long run.

Let Creditors and Debt Collectors Know of the Intention to File for Bankruptcy

It is required by law that all debt collection calls and letters, as well as any other efforts to reach a debtor stop once the petition for bankruptcy has been filed in court. In many cases, a lawyer is hired to help ensure this occurs.

Hire a Lawyer

Bankruptcy can be complicated. One misfiled form or late piece of paperwork can result in serious issues and the case even being dismissed. Hiring an attorney will help ensure that the case goes through and that the person finds debt relieve, once and for all.

When it comes to bankruptcy, it can be complicated and challenging. For those who want help with the process, they can contact William Lively Law Firm. Taking the time to do this is the right choice and will guarantee that no mistakes are made during the actual filing process.

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