Trademark Monitoring: How to Monitor Trademark Practices in Chicago?

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Lawyers

Trademark is considered as one of the most important assets of a company. Therefore, trademark monitoring plays an important role in protecting the company’s name and image in the eyes of customers. An experienced trademark attorney helps in obtaining and protecting the trademarks so that no one misuses it.

What is trademark monitoring?

Trademark monitoring is the process by which an experienced attorney conducts regular online searches and investigations to make sure the company’s trademark is not used by any other party. Trademark monitoring involves a lot of processes that requires the services of an experienced attorney.

Importance of hiring a trademark attorney

Many corporate companies consider a trademark attorney as an important person who can help and protect the company’s trademark and logo. Hiring an experienced trademark attorney helps in saving a lot of time and frustration. A trademark attorney not only helps you in establishing a trademark, but also conducts regular investigations to check if anyone is using your trademark. He then files the necessary paper in the court to stop others from using trademarks that are similar to yours. A Trademark attorney is also responsible for sending letters to companies and individuals who are using your trademark informing them that they are using trademarks similar to yours.

Most business organizations and individuals do not prefer to get into trademark conflicts as it is a long court process which is very complicated and expensive. So, having an experienced trademark attorney can help you in protecting your company’s brand name and helps in retaining your customers and revenue through trademark monitoring.

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