Types of Collisions That Are All Too Familiar to a Truck Accident Attorney

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Accident Attorney

No matter what kind of collision a person has endured with a semi-truck, a truck accident attorney can provide legal representation to make sure this individual gets the financial compensation he or she deserves. If the worst has happened and a family member was killed in the accident, the lawyer will be ready to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Trucking accidents do not account for a huge percentage of all vehicle collisions on the nation’s roads, but they are more likely to have devastating results.

A large percentage of accidents involving large trucks are sideswipe collisions. Most of these sideswipe accidents happen when a passenger vehicle and a large truck are moving side by side, going in the same direction on a multi-lane highway. The driver of the passenger car obviously can see the truck perfectly well, but the truck driver may not be able to see the car when deciding to change lanes.

Rear-end accidents also make up a large percentage of collisions caused by semi-truck drivers. Fortunately, these kinds of accidents aren’t as likely to have fatal results as sideswipe, side-impact or head-on collisions, but they can still cause serious injury.

A truck accident attorney represents clients who were injured in many other circumstances. For instance, trucks can roll over for various reasons. If the load was not properly secured and it shifts, that can cause the truck to tip over. Taking a curve too fast also can lead to a rollover situation. Drivers completely lose control of the truck when this happens. A person in a passenger car can be seriously injured either because of colliding with the truck or losing control trying to avoid an accident. Trucks can jackknife in slippery conditions; this also involves a total loss of control.

Sometimes accidents don’t directly involve the truck and the passenger vehicle but some other factor. For instance, a flatbed load of lumber that was not secured adequately may begin losing boards from the trailer as it moves along at high speed. That can cause a catastrophic situation on a highway. A firm such as Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas LLP can help people who have suffered the results of any kind of accident with a semi-truck.

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