Some Very Unique Ways the Used Car Lemon Law Can Help Every Customer

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Lawyers

There are more laws on the books than people can realistically count. One such law is the called the used car lemon law, which protects buyers who purchase used cars against being sold an automobile that are considered a “lemon.” A lemon means they have issues that the dealer isn’t disclosing which prevents the car from functioning as it should. The issue here, however, is that few people know about lemon laws, and dealerships aren’t exactly always forthcoming with the information.

Here are some ways lemon laws protect customers, and what people can do to have their cars fixed.


One of the biggest benefits of a lemon law is that dealerships are required by law to offer ironclad warranties against the automobile. The issue here, of course, is that most people are not aware of these protections, and so dealerships often feel they don’t need to offer solutions. People just assume used cars break down; they don’t realize they can have them fixed for free.

Auto Fixes

Speaking of fixes, this is one area where lemon laws protect the most. Brakes, clutch and transmission issues, timing issues, and much more are all technically covered by these lemon laws. Again, it’s just that most aren’t aware that they’re covered.

Remember to Be Aware of the Law

Car buyers should be aware of these laws. Though in the event a dealership has not provided a buyer with these protections, this is when it’s time to contact an attorney who specializes in these lemon laws, so that dealerships are held accountable.

To make sure your lemon law rights aren’t being violated, contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. today.

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