Using a Reputable Chicago Firm to Facilitate Your License Hearing

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Law Firm

People who drive know the inconvenience of being unable to. This is especially true when you’re unable to drive because your license is suspended.

If you’re an Illinois resident, you’re in luck. If you need to get your license reinstated, the Secretary of State Hearings Chicago branch can assist you. The professionals over at Johnson & Goldrich, PC specialize in both formal and informal hearings. If your hearing is approved, you can have your license reinstated or you’ll be given a restricted driver’s permit immediately.

Once you’ve hired legal representation, Johnson and Goldrich, PC employees bring their legal expertise to oversee and review your documentation during the hearing process. As long as you have your personal evaluations, treatment documentation, and any report updates, pairing up with this firm gives you a greater chance than going at it alone.

Need a license reinstatement and you’re not located near the Secretary of State Hearings Chicago? You can still be serviced by this firm. In addition to their North State Street location, Johnson & Goldrush, PC ‘has offices in Mt. Vernon, Springfield, and Joliet.

Don’t spend any more time worrying about transportation. By reaching out to the professionals at Johnson and Goldrich, PC, you can get a quality hearing and have your license reinstated sooner than later. If you have any further questions about paperwork, how the procedures work, or want to know more about the staff, visit their website at and request a consultation.

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