Why Victims Should Call a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Personal Injury Attorney

Not every accident requires litigation, but it can be difficult for a victim to determine whether they need a personal injury attorney in Gig Harbor. Whether the accident occurs on the road, at work, or in a store, an injury attorney can be a valued source of advice during the claims process. Here, victims can learn a few reasons why they should call a local injury attorney.

Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accident injuries give rise to most personal injury suits. If an auto accident involves another driver’s negligence, that person may be held legally and financially responsible for the victim’s damages. Other potentially liable parties include automakers, maintenance personnel, and roadway workers.

Medical Malpractice

When a sick or injured person seeks medical treatment, they rely on the physician to provide competent care that’s up to industry standards. If the treatment falls below the minimum standard of care and a person suffers an injury because of the physician’s negligence, they may be able to file a medical malpractice claim.

Slip and Fall Cases

A slip and fall may seem like a relatively minor injury, but consequences may be severe. Though an accident is always possible, a personal injury attorney in Gig Harbor can help when the event results from a storekeeper’s or homeowner’s poor maintenance of the premises.

Animal Bites

Though most people are animal lovers, that does not mean that it’s acceptable for an animal to attack without being provoked. Animal owners have a legal responsibility to control their pets, and when they fail to do so, they are financially responsible for the damage done by the animal.

Product Liability Claims

When a person buys a product, they do so with the expectation that the maker exercised care in the product’s design, labeling, and manufacturing. When the duty isn’t fulfilled and a person is injured as a result, the product manufacturer or other parts of the supply chain can be held liable for resulting damages. If a victim suffers an injury and is unsure as to whether they can file a claim for damages, they should find more information from a local personal injury attorney.

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