Why Do Victims Settle for More When Hiring an Injury Attorney?

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Lawyers

When an accident occurs, an injured victim needs to know they have options for pursuing compensation. Some injuries may only require a victim to pursue a settlement with the insurance company. When minor injuries and damages are present, this is a fairly easy process and rarely needs any legal intervention. If significant damages are present, an injured victim may need to seek an injury attorney.

According to the Insurance Research Council, the average case receives 3 1/2 times the amount they would if they tried to settle without the help of an attorney. When a victim tries to work with the insurance company alone, they will often find they are not able to receive fair treatment. The insurance adjuster is less likely to offer a fair settlement when a victim is not represented by an attorney because they do not fear a lawsuit.

Many injury claims can be settled outside of court, but this is not always the case. In some cases, the injury attorney will file a lawsuit to gain the attention of the insurance company. Once the insurance company knows a lawsuit has been filed, they are more likely to attempt to settle fairly because they do not want to be dragged into court and go through the long process.

Attorneys can be beneficial in helping individuals go through negotiations with the insurance company. Negotiations are a critical part of any settlement, and typically result in a fair outcome. If the attorney feels the negotiations are not proceeding as they should, they can always pursue a lawsuit and allow a judge or jury to determine the final outcome.

An attorney who works on contingency will not charge any fees unless they are able to win for their client. If a win is secured, the client would then have part of their settlement given as payment for the attorney’s fees. Discuss the options with an attorney early in the process to avoid any problems later.

If you are struggling to settle your accident claim, now is the time to seek legal help. For further information, visit us. They will provide you with the legal help you need so you can fairly settle your claim.

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