What an Accident Lawyer in Palm Springs, CA Doesn’t Want You to Do

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Attorney

What makes a perfect client for an accident lawyer in Palm Springs, CA? A perfect client for an accident lawyer is usually one who doesn’t make the case harder than it has to be. After accidents happen, some people do things that they just shouldn’t do. For example, after a car accident, a person might admit fault at the scene. That’s a mistake that is hard for a person to take back. Witnesses and law enforcement might hear a person admit that they caused the accident even if the individual wasn’t responsible.

It’s understandable that some people get nervous after accidents. Any Accident lawyer in Palm Springs, CA knows that people can panic when bad things happen. But it’s important for accident victims to consider the consequences of their actions. Everything that they do might be put under intense scrutiny. If they can be blamed for the accident by the party they are trying to get compensation from, believe that they will be. Why make things easy for the other party? After a car accident, the only communication a person needs to have is that which helps them to get insurance information, witness information, and to disclose certain facts of the accident with law enforcement after they arrive on the scene.

One of the mistakes that people make after auto accidents is failing to contact local law enforcement. Understand that there has to be a police report of the accident for insurance purposes. Also, what the responding officer(s) put in the police report can help a person’s case if the facts are in their favor. What if the other party says it’s perfectly fine not to call law enforcement? Any person who says that should be ignored. They might have something to hide. They could also wait until the other person leaves and then call law enforcement. In a case like that, the person who leaves could get into trouble.

People who contact Samuel F. Trussell Attorney at Law or other lawyers should also make sure that they get medical treatment to verify their injuries. A lawyer’s going to need medical records to help argue the case on their client’s behalf. A person can’t just say they are injured; they need medical documentation.

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