What Does an Accident Attorney in Keller, TX Collect to Craft a Winning Auto Case?

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Attorney

The goal of the lawyer is to win the case for the client. That is the bottom line. Working within the framework of the law and using all the tools at one’s disposal, an accident attorney in Keller, TX creates a fantastic case that uses the best situation to the advantage of the client. The evidence is out there, but it can often take a bit of digging. There are a few key ways in which the case is shaped, including detailed police reports and brand new witness statements.

Accredited Police Reports:
Police reports create the initial basis for how the insurance reacts and what kind of position one is placed in after an auto accident. The goal of the lawyer is to poke holes and find how credible the police report is. The police reports are not always 100% accurate though the officers try their best to be; there often seems to be something else at play. A hidden bias about the situation can sway the reporting. A specific individual’s outspoken nature can disturb the accuracy of the reporting, and not everything may come to light in the most accurate way.

Fresh Witness Statements:
Who was present at the accident? Who was present and perhaps not spoken to by the police? Another job of the accident attorney in Keller, TX is to find people who were present during the accident, and who could potentially validate what the client has to say. The police may miss certain people who were present, especially if a potential criminal situation is involved. Thankfully, the lawyers at  know how to track down the right people and encourage them to speak the truth about an incident.

The attorney presents a settlement demand letter; which is the typically the last step before going to court and seeing where the other party stands. The settlement letter is a powerful documentation that includes all the above reports, and insurance companies have often been directed one way or the other based on the quality of the evidence. Begin a case and present it the sensible way by digging up every detail.

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