What Happens Next With A Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Tucson

by | Dec 23, 2015 | Lawyers

Arizona accident victims should familiarize themselves with local laws. These laws determine how their case could proceed based on certain actions they have taken. Under these laws, all accidents are conducted according to a fault ruling that identifies a liable driver. A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Tucson helps these victims present their case effectively.

Filing a Claim in a Fault State

The first step under applicable laws is to make an attempt to collect from the liable driver’s insurance carrier. This claim should cover the medical requirements for the victim and their passengers. It should also cover any property damage that occurred during the accident.

If these actions fail, the victim has a two-year window to file a formal lawsuit against the driver. The lawsuit should present all facts about the accident and the victim’s injuries. An attorney could help the victim prepare this case for court.

Does Comparative Fault Apply?

Comparative fault applies only if the victim broke the law during the accident. These implications point the blame back at the victim. These actions could include any type of moving violation. For motorcycle riders, it could also include lane splitting. The defendant’s attorney could use this ruling to reduce the total award given to the victim. In most cases, the award is reduced according to the percent of blame assigned by the court.

Understanding the Requirements for Insurance

All drivers in Arizona are required to comply with insurance laws. This includes motorcycle riders who are also required to purchase standard liability insurance for their vehicle. They must purchase at least $15,000 in coverage for each injury with a maximum of $30,000. The policy should also provide at least $10,000 for property damage. Any drivers without insurance incur additional penalties beyond the requirements of the victim.

Arizona laws outline the proceedings for motorcycle accidents. Since these occurrences could lead to severe injuries, the state enforces safety regulations for operating motorcycles and driving near them on the road. All drivers could face additional penalties if they don’t comply with all applicable laws related to their case. Victims who need guidance should hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Tucson by contacting PRICE & PRICE Law today.

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