When to Hire a Social Security Attorney for Your Claim

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Equilegal

Oklahoma individuals facing immeasurable issues due to a disability may need government assistance. This assistance is available through the Social Security Administration, and it provides monetary benefits for financial support and Medicaid coverage. If the disabled individual is denied coverage, a Social Security attorney could help these individuals file a lawsuit to gain these benefits.

Identifying the Real Reason You Were Denied
According to federal laws, the Social Security Administration must provide an exact reason for any coverage denial. The agency must also provide the applicant with information about filing an appeal and the deadline for achieving this goal. If the agency is unclear about the exact reason, an attorney may contact them to identify the real reason that the individual was denied benefits.

Starting an Appeal for Benefits
An appeal is filed through the court. The applicant must attend the hearing and discuss their condition with the judge. They must also provide the judge with all information and medical evidence that appears in their original claim. For some applicants, an appeal could present them with a higher probability of approval. However, if the judge denies these benefits, the applicant has an opportunity to file a formal lawsuit.

A Formal Lawsuit
Through a formal lawsuit, the applicant could acquire benefits starting on the date in which the disability began. The total value may also include legal fees. During this process, a jury evaluates the medical evidence and documentation. They render the decision about the case and provide the applicant with a clear answer.

How to Acquire Benefits After a Lawsuit
If the applicant wins their lawsuit, they may acquire a lump sum value or monthly payments. Once the initial payment is settled, the SSA may be required to provide further benefits and insurance for these individuals.

Oklahoma individuals with disabilities need assistance through government programs when they cannot support themselves financially. However, these individuals must possess a mental or physical disability that prevents them from working in all industries. Applicants who were denied benefits and need help should hire a Social Security attorney by visiting website.com or by contacting the firm directly today.

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