When Would Someone Need to Consult with a Bankruptcy Attorney in Cornelius, NC?

by | May 23, 2016 | Attorney

While bankruptcy is not for everyone, it can provide welcome relief when a person is in over their head with debt. A consultation with a bankruptcy attorney in Cornelius, NC can give a person the answers they are looking for so they can make a sound decision on whether or not bankruptcy will be able to provide them with relief from their overwhelming debt.

  • When one finds out they can barely afford to pay their bills and have money left over for food and other expenses, it may be time to consider bankruptcy.
  • Those who find themselves only making the minimum payment on their credit cards each month could be in danger of developing a major debt crisis. When a person only makes the minimum payments, they begin racking up tremendous finance charges. If they begin missing payments, late fees and interest charges can make their balance soar.
  • Those receiving constant calls from bill collectors could benefit from consulting with a bankruptcy attorney in Cornelius, NC. Especially if they are facing foreclosure on their home. Bankruptcy can stop the collections process and give a person a chance to catch up on their bills.
  • People who are using their credit cards to meet their financial needs for food and other necessities may need to consider hiring a bankruptcy attorney to help them decide if they should file. There are a couple of types of bankruptcy a person can choose from to help them overcome their debt.

If you are dealing with any of these issues, you may want to consider consulting with a bankruptcy attorney to determine your options. Bankruptcy can give you freedom from your debt and allow you the opportunity to secure a better financial future. For more information, contact the office of Lake Law Office, PLLC.

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