Who Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Tacoma, WA?

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Lawyers

Many people who are filing for divorce are tempted to bypass a divorce lawyer in Tacoma, WA and try to manage the process themselves. However, there is only so much help that can really be gleaned from reading DIY books or filling out forms on the Internet. It is certainly possible for the very simplest of divorce cases to be handled by the people divorcing but, in most circumstances, a lawyer is necessary. Here are a few top reasons to hire a divorce lawyer today.

The Legal Advice

A divorce lawyer in Tacoma, WA provides their clients with advice on every aspect of the divorce. The laws in WA do not always make it crystal clear how property should be divided, and many people could use some help in determining what is right and fair. For example, in some circumstances, a spouse is entitled to support from retirement vehicles or even support from future income, but only a lawyer really has the knowledge to determine exactly what assets should and can be included in support and property division. If there is any question at all on how to address property division, debt division, future asset allocation, or any other financial concern, a lawyer is necessary.

No Mistakes

Many people who handle their own divorce are tripped up by mistakes on the paperwork. Divorce paperwork can be extremely complex, and even one misplaced check-mark or a single incorrect piece of information can delay or halt the process. An attorney like Candoolaw.com will review all the paperwork before it is submitted. Any mistakes will be caught and corrected well before that paperwork is ever seen by a judge, so delays or obstacles will not be issues. The best way to have a smooth and relatively problem-free divorce is to make sure that everything is done right the first time, and that is precisely what the attorney can do.

Make Wishes Clear

For a judge to order the divorce in the desired way, they need to understand exactly what the divorcing couple is asking for. Many people who are doing their own divorce paperwork will not be familiar with the right legal terminologies and procedures to achieve the divorce decree they want. An experienced divorce lawyer knows exactly how to make their client’s wishes clear and how to have them fulfilled in the divorce decree.

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