Workers Compensation Attorneys In Surprise, AZ Can Help You Receive Compensation

by | May 15, 2017 | Lawyers

Under the law, an Arizona employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover employees who are injured on the job or cannot work due to an occupational illness. In some cases, an employer may not have the policy to cover their employees, and Workers Compensation Attorneys in Surprise AZ should be contacted immediately. Another reason to hire an attorney is if a claim was denied and the decision needs to be appealed at a hearing before a judge. If an injured worker doesn’t receive the compensation they deserve, an attorney can help them.

When a worker has been injured on the job, they should notify their supervisor as quickly as possible. When the employee is at the doctor for a work-related illness or injury, they should notify the doctor of the circumstances involved. The pink form titled Worker’s and Physician’s Report of Injury should be completed and will be given to the worker by their healthcare provider. The form is very important because it initiates the workers’ compensation claim. Some claims are medical only and others are time-loss claims. The medical only claims pay for the healthcare costs that are related to the injury. A time-loss claim pays the medical expenses and the wages that were lost when a worker was unable to work. In order to quality for time-loss, a worker must be off work for more than seven days.

An injured worker is not legally required to hire Workers Compensation Attorneys in Surprise AZ to represent them in front of a judge, but it is strongly advised. The workers’ compensation law is complex and can be confusing. An administrative law judge will expect an injured worker to follow the laws the same way an attorney must do during a hearing. If an individual doesn’t follow the legal procedures or process, they could find themselves with a poor outcome.

There are varieties of benefits an individual can receive, such as temporary and permanent compensation, scheduled injury compensation, reasonable and necessary medical care, and vocational rehabilitation when they’ve been injured on the job. Please contact Garrison Law Firm for more information about workers’ compensation or any other personal injury claim.

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