6 Tips for Litigation With the Help of a Premises Liability Attorney

by | May 17, 2016 | Attorney

Even in cases where accident fault is clear-cut, a victim may not sue immediately. While there is a statute of limitations on accident lawsuits, it takes time to assemble a case. Additionally, there are things clients can do in between the time of the accident and the filing of the lawsuit that can substantially affect a claim. Below are several of the best ways to get ready for personal injury litigation through website.

Don’t Make Mistakes

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to do everything right. Avoid mistakes such as lying about the events surrounding the accident, or broadcasting it on social media. Here’s another area where the statute of limitations comes into play; one of the biggest mistakes a victim can make is to file too late.

Do Some Research

The courts frown upon frivolous claims, and one should not file a lawsuit before doing their homework. A client should know exactly who to file against, and they should have an idea of what caused their injuries. Here, medical reports and doctor testimony can be helpful.

Realize That Every Situation is Different

Suing a store over a defective product, slip-and-fall injury or poor warranty is vastly different than suing over food poisoning or a car accident. One should hire a lawyer who handles their specific type of case, such as a Premises liability attorney.

Know What to Bring

If one decides to file a lawsuit, they’ll need assistance from a personal injury lawyer, and to hire one, they’ll need to brief the attorney on the case. During the initial phone call, the client should find out what type of information they’ll need to bring.

Get Ready for the Deposition

Depositions are a type of pretrial interview, where anything the client says can be used at trial. The stakes are very high, and a lawyer can ensure that the client is prepared.

Consider Settlement

Not all cases make it to the trial phase, and many accident lawsuits are settled out of court. It may help to think of settlement as a less adversarial way to gain fair compensation.

All of the above tips are important, but there’s one factor that stands out above the rest. Finding the right lawyer is the best thing a client can do to increase their chances of success. If one is injured and considering filing a lawsuit, consulting a local Premises liability attorney should be their first step.

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