How Can A Social Security Attorney Speed Up Your Application For Benefits?

by | May 17, 2016 | Attorney

Being granted approval for Social Security disability benefits is a long, drawn out process at the best of times. One of the advantages of having a Social Security attorney in Tennessee is the fact that he or she might be able to speed things up. Being represented by an attorney does not put the applicant on a “fast track” but attorneys know things that you don’t, these things are what might get a quicker decision on your application.

Approval based on the initial application:

It is obvious that the fastest way to receive benefits is to have your application approved as first submitted. If the application is denied, and at least three quarters of them are, you are going to be faced with the appeals process which can easily take a year. This is where a Social Security attorney in Tennessee can help, they have in-depth knowledge of what the Administration are looking for. When you have a lawyer at this stage, he or she can:

   * Complete the application so that is demonstrates quite clearly how you meet the definition of a disability or provide information to support the claim that you cannot do any work.
   * Get all the medical evidence that supports the impairment that you claim to have
   * Get everything that is needed from your doctor to support your claim

Approval at the hearing stage:

In the event your initial application is denied your case will be elevated to a hearing. During the hearing a Social Security attorney in Tennessee can greatly improve the chances of winning, without the assistance of an attorney the chances are far worse and you will have to deal with the Appeals Council.

Your attorney will prepare you to answer the questions that can be expected from the ALJ and to choose expert witnesses to support your claims. Contact Law Office of Miller Drozdowski at Follow us on

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