A Second DUI Offense in Maryland Requires an Administrative Hearing Claim from a DUI Lawyer in Salisbury, MD

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Lawyers

Acting fast is always useful in the court of law, but it may be particularly necessary in a DUI incident. A first DUI offense is obviously troubling, and will force a DUI lawyer in Salisbury, MD to act fast on behalf of the best interests of the client. A second DUI offense, on the other hand, is more than twice as difficult to manage. Any sympathy the court could have for the client is lost. Second chances are hard to come by, and speed is of the absolute upmost importance in navigating the Maryland law pertaining to a second DUI offense.

The default response in a second DUI offense is to suspend a license. This is so quick and immediate that it is often considered a mandatory repercussion of a second offense. Well, it is not. It is possible for an individual to file an administrative hearing to avoid having a license suspended. The administrative hearing will basically halt any long-term decisions prior to a judgment. This will include other default positions, such as the inclusion of a one-year interlock. The interlock for ignition will lock the car prior to a breathalyzer. In a second offense, it is considered standard. But, even that decision can be postponed.

There is a very short timeframe for when the court will start adding restrictions. These features may be essential if the administrative hearing is not filed quickly, which will be a major hindrance while handling a second DUI offense. Individuals who cannot drive or are restricted by a breathalyzer will face disadvantages. It is worth noting that neither of these particular things are encouraging when facing judgment.

The license suspension is particularly problematic because it could impact child care, schooling, and work. The administrative hearing claim can stop this. Yet, it does not mean a license cannot be suspended at a later date. It means that a suspension can be halted before judgment. It is worth repeating that the turnaround time from the arrest to the suspension in a second offense may be a matter of days or even one day, so getting a DUI lawyer in Salisbury, MD immediately is essential. Visit Domain now for more.



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