Risks Of Treatment For Low T In Westmoreland

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Lawyers

There are many men that experience low testosterone levels. Having low testosterone can have side effects that disrupt a person’s life. These symptoms can include fatigue, weight gain, and issues with sex drive and performance. It can also cause mood changes as well as decreases in bone and muscle mass. Because of these issues, many men experiencing this problem have sought assistance in correcting their low in T Westmoreland. Many received treatment therapies such as AndroGeland that helped boost the testosterone levels in patients and assisted in reducing the side effects of low testosterone. Unfortunately, many of these men were not aware of the risks associated with this therapy.

It recent studies, it was found that treatment therapy for low T in Westmoreland was linked to cardiovascular issues. Older men undergoing testosterone therapy had had a 29% higher rate of stroke, heart attack, and death. It was found to increase these health issues in younger men with a history of heart disease. As of March 2015, the FDA now requires warning labels to show these risks, which can assist men and their doctors in making an informed decision about whether or not testosterone therapy is right for them. Unfortunately, those who were affected by these side effects did not have the same information when they decided to undergo this treatment.

Due to the lack of information available, many older men and those with a history of heart disease chose this treatment unaware of the risks to their health. Many of them had heart attacks and strokes because they were not properly warned of potential issues. Some of them even died from these events. These people or their families deserve compensation for the harm they incurred from this treatment. There are law firms forming lawsuits against these pharmaceutical companies that did not inform about the risks to their patients before treatment. Anyone who has had issues with these products can have their case reviewed quickly by an attorney to see if compensation is due. For more information about this issue, or to have a case reviewed by an attorney, you can visit

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