Annulment or Divorce? Options to Discuss with an Attorney in Manhattan, Kansas

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Lawyers

A marriage is meant to last a lifetime, yet sadly, quite a few end in divorce. Many couples never stop to question if they may obtain an annulment, still living under the belief that once a marriage has been consummated, this option is off the table. However, this isn’t always the case, as there are numerous situations where an annulment may be granted. For this reason, anyone wishing to end a marriage should look into an annulment. What are the differences between this and a divorce, and when is each called for?

An annulment voids a marriage rather than ending it. In effect, it states that the marriage never actually took place, although it doesn’t make any children of the marriage illegitimate, a concern of many. Annulments are granted when the spouses are closely related by blood, marriage or adoption, or when one spouse was already married when this marriage occurred. In addition, a person who was underage at the time of the marriage may request an annulment or someone who was forced to be married may request this option. These are only a few examples of when an annulment will be granted, and once the procedure is complete, this person will be referred to as single again.

In contrast, a divorce ends a valid marriage, yet doesn’t blame one spouse more than the other. With an annulment, one spouse must do something wrong for it to be granted, yet couples can have a no-fault divorce. Some find they prefer this option, as there is no longer any disgrace associated with a divorce. It’s a matter of what a couple is most comfortable with, in most situations where either option may be selected. Contact the Oleen Law Firm to discuss the various options for dissolving a relationship. This Attorney In Manhattan, KS, will be of great help in determining if an annulment is the right choice or if a divorce is called for.

To learn more about both options, Click Here. No one enters a relationship expecting it to end, but sadly many do. Knowing how to end the partnership in the easiest way possible makes the process slightly less difficult. These attorneys work to ensure this is the case for all involved.

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