Preparing for a Meeting with a Chapter 13 Lawyer

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Lawyers

In today’s uncertain economic climate, more people than ever before are having trouble paying bills and putting food on the table. Being in debt can lead to personal and professional problems. To get a new lease on life, it’s a good idea to visit a Chapter 13 lawyer. Doing this will enable a person to file for a legal status to find relief from debt. The following suggestions will help a debtor get ready for an initial meeting with a bankruptcy attorney.

Before seeing a bankruptcy lawyer for the first time, ensure that all client forms are completely filled out. These forms can usually be downloaded from the attorney’s website. Fill out all requests for information, even when the requests seem a bit too personal in nature. The attorney will need to know the details that lead to a person being in debt. Also, lawyers and their assistants are trained professionals who use the utmost discretion in dealing with clients. Return these forms at least a week before the initial visit.

Since an initial meeting is often the time when a bankruptcy attorney will be deciding whether to take a case, it’s advisable for a person to dress appropriately. It’s not necessary to buy new clothing. However, a person should dress in clothing that is pressed and cleaned. Have a list of questions ready to ask the lawyer. Practice asking these questions to another person before the visit.

Being organized is essential for an initial visit to go smoothly. Have all documents organized and in the right folders. Folders should be labeled and in the correct order. The lawyer will likely send a list of documents, he will need for the first visit. Bring as many of these documents as possible. Let the lawyer decide which ones are relevant to the case.

By using these tips, a person will have an easier time during the initial meeting. It will also save time and show the debtor’s willingness to help with the case. For information on bankruptcy services, please visit website. This law practice can handle Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and debt relief services to help clients have a better standard of living.

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