Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Attorney

In the event the primary income earner in a family becomes disabled the family is often faced with a tenuous financial future.  Although nothing can lessen the burden of a physical or mental disability, at least Social Security disability benefits can help lessen the financial strain.

Often the disability is such that even applying for benefits can prove to be taxing; this is one valid reason for hiring a Social Security lawyer in Tennessee. It can be difficult dealing with the Social Security Administration but as the benefits are often crucial in nature the application process must be started and started correctly.

Your best bet is to hire a Social Security lawyer in Tennessee from the outset although there are those that make the initial application and wait to hire a lawyer in the event they are denied benefits. There really is no reason to delay; the fee that that lawyer is paid is capped by the Administration regardless of when he or she is first engaged.

The actual application is not overly difficult; it requires the name of your doctor, detailed medical records, a list of the medications you are taking and a detailed work history including the type of work you have been doing. This part is not hard, what can be very difficult is proving that you are disabled. Upon receipt of the application the Administration subject it to detailed scrutiny, whether or not you are granted approval all hinges on the medical information you provided. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases the information is insufficient and the application is denied.

A seasoned Social Security lawyer in Tennessee will review the information you have before the application is submitted; it might even prove necessary for you to see a specialist that deals with your specific condition prior to making the application. What is important is to submit the application with sufficient documentation and evidence that will allow the Administration to get an accurate picture of your situation.

Even with legal support there are many cases where the application is still denied. In this case you will be faced with making an appeal of the decision. If you made the application independently, now is the time that you definitely need a Social Security lawyer. You will be faced with a situation where you have to submit yourself to the questioning of an administrative law judge and perhaps experts in your condition. You will need a qualified lawyer to see you through this phase of the approval process and if your application is still denied, to take your case to the next level.

If you are disabled you can apply for benefits from Social Security. To improve your chances of success you should not deal with the Administration before you hire a Social Security lawyer in Tennessee. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C.

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