Injury or Sickness in the Workplace: Knowing Your Rights

by | Dec 28, 2015 | Attorney

Whether is due to unreasonable deadlines being imposed or simply the environmental conditions that workers find themselves in, there is the potential to get sick or injured due to the actions—or even the inaction—of the company they work for. Companies are supposed to ensure the safety of their workers and when they neglect to do so, they should not be surprised if they are subjected to a lawsuit. If a company in West Chicago fails to improve work place conditions or doesn’t give any compensation to you due to an illness or injury you suffered, then it is time that you may want to start looking into workers compensation attorneys.

Why Do Companies Do This?
Poor environmental conditions within a company are often the result of the company implementing budget cutbacks in order to save on costs. The less money shifted towards improving facilities, the more can be given to the owners of the company. Unfortunately, that means they cut corners elsewhere, which puts the onus on you to convince the company to pay for damages.

How Does the Process of Compensation Work?
Getting compensation for injuries or illnesses as a result of the workplace you are in involves a process of documentation, eye witness accounts, physical evidence, and finally hiring a lawyer and submitting the case to a judge. If you do not follow the steps that were just indicated, it is unlikely that your case would be pushed through at all.

Hire a Lawyer
When confronted with such a situation, it is highly recommended that the employees of a company band together and file a class action suit against the company for unfair work practices. When you get sick or are injured in the workplace due to its conditions, you have a right to compensation due to the suffering that you are experiencing. Companies stating that they are not responsible for a worker getting sick due to the conditions in their workplace is the same as saying the do not take the safety of their workers into consideration.

Workers have rights; this is something that you should never forget. If you feel that they are being violated, you should fight for what you believe you are due. You can’t simply expect everything to work out properly. You need to focus on analyzing the situation, gathering the necessary evidence, and presenting your case in order for you and your fellow employees to get the compensation you are owed.

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