An Auto Accident Lawyer in Silverdale Represents Victims of Road Rage Incidents

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Accident Attorney

People generally know that road rage can cause car crashes because of aggressive, unsafe behavior. They may, however, be shocked to learn just how serious this problem actually is. An auto accident lawyer in Silverdale represents clients who were victims in road rage incidents that caused serious harm.

Aggressive Driving

Researchers compiling statistics about aggressive driving and road rage have found that a full 66 percent of vehicle accident fatalities are associated with aggressive driving. Fifty percent of drivers admit to responding with aggression when someone yells out the window at them, gives them the finger or honks the horn. When two drivers begin behaving recklessly, it can be difficult for law enforcement and insurance companies to determine who actually was at fault. An auto accident lawyer in Silverdale may be needed to effectively communicate with the insurance adjusters.

Firearms and Murder

Nearly 40 percent of road rage incidents involve at least one driver brandishing a firearm. That’s a truly disturbing number, and it factors into another statistic showing that about 30 murders occur every year due to road rage. Even people who are prone to becoming infuriated while driving may find it hard to imagine actually killing someone on purpose over getting cut off in traffic or being tailgated.

Increasing Numbers of Incidents

Road rage accidents have increased by more than 500 percent since 2009. It’s difficult to understand what has caused this dramatic increase, but safety experts are justifiably alarmed. Although drivers may be ticketed for reckless driving, road rage behavior actually tends to be more dangerous because it is intentionally violent. One driver might try to run another off the road or even ram the car ahead from behind. If a police officer determines that the behavior was due to anger and intentional, a criminal charge could be issued.

Free Legal Consultations

Someone who has been seriously injured because of the aggressive behavior of another driver may contact The Law Offices of Anthony C. Otto for a free consultation. There is no obligation to hire the lawyer after a consultation.

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