Don’t Go It Alone Contact Divorce Lawyers in Sheboygan WI

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Divorce Attorney

How many questions does an individual have when they’re facing a divorce? There are hundreds of questions an individual will face about their future and their child’s future when they’re facing a divorce. To limit receiving bad information from friends or family and creating a mess, an individual should speak to divorce lawyers in Sheboygan WI. A divorce lawyer will have all the answers the person will have and keep them on track to limit the stress of a divorce.

Keeping Things Calm

A divorce lawyer knows divorce can include a lot of emotions because of the hurt feelings of a marriage ending. Worry and fear are common for an individual about themselves and their child or children. A divorce attorney will be a problem solver and reduce the tension a divorce can bring on. Their honest advice will keep a person focus on the legal aspects of a divorce and inform them of the court’s opinion on various situations that will come up during the process.

Separating Assets

Wisconsin is a community property state. All assets will be divided 50/50 in a divorce, annulment, or legal separation. If assets were inherited during the marriage, they will be excluded as part of the division. This can be very tricky to calculate if the money was invested in marital property. Divorce lawyers in Sheboygan WI will help to sort this out, so an individual does not get shortchanged in the divorce.

Alimony Or Maintenance

There is no formula to calculate alimony or maintenance from a divorce. The court will consider numerous factors including the education of each party, if one party contributed to the other party’s education, earning power of each party, and the earning capacity of the party who is seeking alimony. This can be another sticky area a divorce will be invaluable in handling.

When you face a divorce, don’t go it alone when an experienced family attorney can help to guide the way. Receiving the right information from the beginning will eliminate a lot of problems. For more information about getting a divorce, child support, paternity, and any other family law area, please visit us.

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